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Unfortunately Stipla is withdrawing it's offer of subscription via the Apple Newsstand. If you are an existing subscriber, you can request a refund for any outstanding issues via iTunes Customer Support. We are not able to refund you directly, please send your requests to Apple who will process your refund directly. Any future issues of Stipla will be published as stand alone apps on an ad-hoc basis. We are hoping to return in 2015 as a new venture online. Stay tuned for more information.

What is Stipla?

Stipla is a new interactive iPad magazine for storytellers, adventurers and explorers everywhere. We tell quality stories about people and places from across the world and we bring those stories to life using interactive technology.

Why did you create Stipla?

Photojournalism used to be one of the most powerful ways to communicate. You were showing people stories not just telling them which was incredibly new and exciting. As technology developed we were able to capture moments in time even better, in colour and better resolutions.
But at the same time, the structures that existed to support and encourage great work melted away - print newspapers and magazines just don’t have the same reach - and with the advent of new platforms in the digital space we’re excited to see what new models can interrogate the medium of magazines. We don’t want to be defined by a YouTube channel, vimeo page, stills gallery or 1000-word feature. We just want to tell great stories. But we’re not there yet, we know there’s a long way to go. But we’re excited about the journey.

How do you create content for Stipla?

We have a partnership with a film company, Lonelyleap as well as many other collaborators which is a really sustainable way of working. Our goal is to keep our head above water for long enough to see if we can build an audience and develop a voice. If only 1000 people bought into that, we think we could make this work. We don’t know exactly where our journey is going to take us, but we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Where do I get it from?

Stipla is available through Apple’s App store & Newsstand. You can download and install the Stipla App for free by using your Apple ID. You can then buy individual issues of Stipla via an in-App purchase. You don’t need to sign in or create an account specifically for Stipla. We also offer annual subscriptions at a cost of £3.99 for 2 issues.

What editorial content do I get in Stipla?

Stipla is editorially independent so you get quality journalism and in-depth stories and features on travel, adventure, arts and culture. Our slant is that we’re always looking for a fresh perspective on a story so expect unique viewpoints, unexpected characters and extended coverage showing you new angles on issues.

Do I need an internet connection?

Nope. Once you’ve downloaded an issue of Stipla you’re free to read the magazine wherever and whenever you like. We’d love to see where you end up with Stipla; send us your pics of Stipla in the wild to

How much does Stipla cost?

The app itself is free. Each issue of Stipla then costs £1.99.

Can I subscribe to Stipla?

Yes. You can subscribe from within the app by following the “Subscribe” link found in the Library. Or you can buy a subscription on your iPad from the Apple Newsstand.

How are subscriptions renewed?

If you buy a subscription through the App Store or your iTunes account, your subscription with Apple will automatically renew until you cancel it.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel it through your iTunes account. If you’d like to turn off auto-renew, you can do so by changing your settings in iTunes.

Can I buy single issues of Stipla without subscribing?

Yes. Single copies are available through the app for £1.99 without a subscription.

Can I share my copy of Stipla with friends/colleagues?

Sorry, no. Your purchases are linked to your specific Apple ID. But you’re of course free to enjoy Stipla with friends over dinner or a long train journey.

Will Stipla work on my iPhone, Android device or other Smartphone?

Unfortunately Stipla works with the iPad only. It’s optimised for viewing on a large format screen so you can immersive yourself in the stories and the imagery as much as possible. We hope you enjoy it!

I’ve spotted a bug / something doesn’t work properly. Help!

Uh-oh. We’ve tested Stipla extensively but if something has slipped through our net we’re really sorry. Please email us at and we’ll fix it as soon as we can. Thanks for helping us make Stipla better for others.

How many editions are stored on my iPad?

All purchased issues will be stored on your iPad. If you delete an issue for whatever reason, you can always download it again for free at any time.

Still have questions?

If you’ve got any questions that aren’t covered here in this FAQ, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. Email us at and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.